Regular preventative maintenance is a key to enhancing the value and enjoyment of your home. Our Concierge Du Maison service offers regular seasonal maintenance giving you peace of mind.


We perform repairs to interior and exterior trim, siding, fences, etc.  We also install doors and shelves/cabinets. We can assemble furniture, install flat screen TVs, blinds, curtain rods, and hang pictures.

Minor Electrical

We perform minor electrical repairs. We can check outlets for proper grounding and operation. We replace switches, outlets, ceiling fans, light fixtures, disposals, etc.  Also we rewire lamps.

Minor Plumbing

We perform minor plumbing repairs, such as fixing leaking faucets.


When making carpentry or drywall repairs, painting is included in our scope of work. We also paint interior rooms and trim. We do not paint entire home exteriors.